Printmakers started in 1990 when the lab that Tony Rodrigues was working in changed its client focus. Having developed a relationship with those photographers he served, Tony couldn’t just let them down. He gathered a team of experienced professionals to start a new business, Printmakers. With a few big contracts to keep them busy, they were off and running. Those studios that prompted the opening of the lab have been loyal customers now for over 30 years!

Today, our team of professionals, with graduates from New England School of Photography, Rhode Island School of Photography, Maine College of Art, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and New England Institute of Technology, has an extensive background in photography, graphic design, multiple forms of media and art. Together, they have decades of experience working in professional labs and photography studios. Our employees stay current in the industry by reading photography’s leading magazines, searching through blogs and websites, and attending meetings and lectures sponsored by different groups and professional societies. We, too, are passionate about photography!

Printmakers’ mission is to develop a meaningful partnership with professional photographers and the photographic industry by delivering consistent high quality output, fair prices and outstanding customer service.