Albums and Books

If you love photography and the work you do, but could use a hand with designing the album to display said work, worry not; our Album Design Services will have the Printmakers Staff there to help create a unique layout just for you. Whatever your style is, from traditional to contemporary, we can design the perfect album for you.

Album Design


Have our design team create a unique album layout
Consult with our designers on your style preferences
No minimum or maximum on the images
Receive a pdf proof of layout to review
Include any notes in the Special Instructions
Turnaround: 3 days
Order through: ProDesign or E-FTP (Proofing catalog —> File Uploads tab)

Flush Mount Album

Sizes: 5×5, 5×7, 8×8, 8x10HorV, 8×12 HorV, 10×10, 12×12, 11×14 HorVĀ 
printed on photographic paper: lustre or metallic with or without linen texture
Square corners
Album covers are ordered by a lab form
Cover options: 14 silk or 15 leather, or studio designed hard cover as standard
Specialty covers include acrylic, metal, or two tone leather
Black and white, 2mm thick page standard, thinner page is an option for smaller books and would just be white
Additional Services: Guilding, Layout design,
Order through: ProDesign (Standard Prints catalog —> in either the Standard Print Sizes, Metallic Prints, or Template Pages tabs), E-FTP, and LabPrints

Fusion Book

Sizes: 6×6, 6×8 H orV, 8×8, 8×10 HorV
Papers: on photographic paper, lustre or metallic with or without linen texture
Square corners
Cover options: custom hard cover with a matte finish
Pages are 1mm thick are white and thinner than the flush mount album
Order through: ProDesign (Standard Prints catalog —> Fusion Books tab), LabPrints

Press Printed Book

press booksSizes: 8×8
Printed on Standard Press Printed Paper (60lb paper)
Cover options: Standard is Soft Cover (studio designed), Hard Cover upgrade available
Drag and drop templates available
Order through: ProDesign (Press Products catalog —> Books and 8×8 Templates tabs*)