mountingIllustration: Gives stability to prints 11″ x 14″ and smaller to prevent images from creasing or denting.
Styrene: Made entirely of plastic, this white mounting surface is our most popular because of its smooth surface and durability. The key feature is that it does not bend or warp in humidity.
Gator: The foam core between the hard board of this mounting surface makes it light weight. The black color is a popular aesthetic feature. Comes in 2 thicknesses, 3/16″ and 1/2″
3/4″ Stand Out: This sturdy gator board with a black finished edge is ready to hang with holes pre-drilled in the back of the board. Available in limited sizes.
Turnaround: 1 business day

Sprays, Textures, Laminates


Lustre Spray: Provides a base level of protection to prolong its durability

Textures: Our linen texture can be applied to photographic and press papers under 13″ in size. It has been popular in reducing the effectiveness of scanning proofs, protecting your image from theft.


Studio Logo Overlay

studio logoStandard Lustre prints or package units can be ordered with a logo at no additional fee
Correct account number must be entered in the “My Information” section of our ordering software
Color options: white, black, yellow gold & gray
Select logo positioning in “Options Palette”
Logo must be on file prior to submitting order
Submit logos via e-mail to with along with contact information
Order logo prints through ProDesign or E-FTP (Standard catalog —> Logo Prints tab)
Order logo packages through ProDesign (Packages catalog —> Logo Package Units tab)