Marketing Tools

Don’t forget that many of our products can be used in a variety of ways to market your services!

Business Cards: Besides having them with your own name and image on them, business cards can be made specifically for an event to promote an online image gallery. Partner with another local business and offer them cards they can use as appointment reminders. After photographing young children, make unique play date cards for the moms to hand out to other moms. What a great way to spread the word about your photography!

Postcards: Use our postcards to let clients know about an upcoming promotion, to hand out at a bridal show.

Copy/Print Services: These services can be used for so many different reasons! From newsletters to brochures to price lists…we can print all the literature you need to have on hand to communicate with your customers and stay connected.

Banners and Pop-Up Stands: Displaying your images has never been easier than with our banners. Ideal for trade shows, the banners roll up nicely into the pop-up stand and slides into their own bag. They are easy to transport, easy to carry, and easy to set up saving time and stress.

Folios: Some photographers prefer to keep their price list in the studio and not hand them out. Folios are the perfect way to display pricing simply and elegantly. Whether you keep it folded in a desk or out on display, folios are meant to be customized so your branding can shine through loud and clear!

DVD’s: Image is everything! Add value to your digital files by burning them onto a DVD with your logo on it.

Folded Cards: It is always a good idea to have cards on hand to let others know you’re thinking of them. But why would you go out and buy cards when you can make them yourself to fit your brand? It is easy to design simple cards that you can then personalize with a hand written note. Don’t forget to put your logo and website on the back!