Photographers working with schools, especially larger schools, will most likely want their images printed and to have data on the students. This data can be used for packaging and school records, such as ID cards, yearbook and office CDs. Our photographers have several options of which workflow is best for their needs. These are some of the ways photographers will submit their jobs.

You may purchase Camlynx from Photolynx. This will allow you to obtain an excel file from the school based on their specifications. That file is uploaded into Camlynx with the images and student data. Once you have created that file, you will export a mdb file from Camlynx to send to the lab. We will open that job in Photolynx and be able to access your images, student data and package list.
You may request the excel file from us to enter the student data. Once you have entered the data, you will burn a cd of the images with the same file name used on the excel sheet. You will turn over a CD of the images, the excel file and your package list to us. We will create your packages and import your data. *Please note, you must first request the excel file from us so we can ensure the data categories will align.
You may create your packages through ProDesign. In ProDesign you will also have the ability to create “records” for each student. That data will be sent over to us with the images and the packages as you have filled them.

Having the student data will allow us to create products that access that information. You will be able to offer yearbook and office CDs to the school. You may also create ID cards with your packages. Some other unique items are Rolodex cards, prombooks, proof stickers and mini stickers in addition to your units. We can also package the orders in envelopes with reorder forms. We also offer services such as retouching and green screen with approved setup.